The Best Software for Axe Throwing Businesses

Axe Arcade is what the industry has been searching for: online booking software built specifically for the axe throwing industry, by axe throwing venue owners.

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We Get it, Because We’ve Been There

Have you been struggling to make your axe venue work with a software platform that wasn’t intended for it? Are you frustrated at the lack of features needed for your business model? Axe Arcade might be for you if you’re:

Tired of searching for an online booking platform that lives up to your expectations

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Fed up with trying to tweak your existing scheduling platform to work the same way your business does

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Longing for more control over the customer booking experience to turn first-time customers into loyal brand enthusiasts

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Wishing your online booking system reflected your branding instead of redirecting customers to a third-party system that looks nothing like your website

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Sick of being nickel-and-dimed with the additional costs you’re paying to integrate waivers and customer data, multiple locations, automated emails and communications, special one-off events, reporting features, and digital scoring

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In search of a digital scoring system that communicates directly with your reservation platform

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How Axe Arcade Works

Axe Arcade is the first purpose-built axe throwing reservation and business management software built specifically for the axe throwing industry. And it was created by axe throwing venue owners. Some of the many things our software can do include:

  • Handling every step of the booking process, including digital waivers
  • Automated communications with customers before and after their reservation at your venue
  • Tracking each group’s start and end times
  • Keeping track of players’ scores and progress
  • Offering a mechanism for getting online reviews
  • Covering the entirety of the payment process, including point of sale (POS) transactions for walk-ins and merchandise, as well as gift card sales
  • Robust reporting features and a dashboard for instant access to all your most important statistics

Learn More About Our Features

Easily drag and drop reservations to change lane assignments and reservation start times.
Automated reservation status updates for quick and easy real-time reservation management.
Fully customize your online booking window to keep branding and messaging consistent with your website.
Drag & Drop
Status Icons
Custom Branding

The Axe Arcade Digital 
Scoring App

The Axe Arcade digital scoring app automates every step of the gameplay process, keeping your customers impressed and engaged – and secretly keeping you and your staff on top of everything going on. An easy, intuitive app that can be installed at every throwing lane, it keeps score, tracks player progress, enforces start and end times, gives a warning when a group’s time is about to expire and even emails players’ scores and information to them when they’re done. Wow your customers who weren’t expecting it, delight your customers who demand it, and be the envy of your local competition. Don’t get left behind.

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