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Axe Arcade is a game-changing online reservation and payment software built to provide industry-specific, technology-driven business management solutions to the urban axe throwing industry.

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Quickly switch between reservation calendars and report dashboards for all of your locations and always be in the know.
Easy, updatable product list so you can sell more merchandise faster directly inside your reservation platform.
Whether you’re working from home and want a nice bright screen or working in your venue and want to set the mood, Axe Arcade has you covered.
Multiple Locations
Integrated POS
Light/Dark mode

Built Specifically for Axe Throwing Businesses

Our online reservation platform has been meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing website and increase online sales conversions.

Every facet of the Axe Arcade software is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, from choosing the number of participants to choosing a date and time, and once the process is completed, the customer immediately gets a confirmation email. You can even customize the customer interface to add your logo and branding, giving you an unmatched professional look.

It’s All Fun and Games

As the urban axe throwing industry continues to evolve, one thing is clear: This low-tech sport is begging for high-quality digital score tracking. Chalkboards and whiteboards can get the job done in the short term, but they can only take you so far.

Keeping Up in a Digital World

Wow your customers who weren’t expecting it, delight your customers who demand it and be the envy of your local competition. Don’t get left behind.

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Fully Integrated Waivers

Let’s face it: The lawyers have a point. Waivers need to be signed, and you need a way to make it faster, simpler and more useful. Our fully integrated waivers are hassle-free for the customer, making it easy for you as an owner to better understand your core demographic.

Valuable customer data shouldn’t go to waste. Axe Arcade’s waiver system makes it easier than ever to track and reward your repeat customers and target your marketing efforts toward first-timers so they keep coming back for more.

Streamlined and intuitive reservation management makes creating new bookings and making updates easier than you ever thought possible.
Never worry about following up or asking for a review ever again thanks to seamless and customizable email communications.
Booking Manager
Automated Emails

It’s the Little Things

Busy nights are stressful enough without having to fight with your reservation calendar. Which reservation just finished training? Who needs a time warning? Where’s the best opening for the potential customer that just called?

Your reservation software should be working for you, not the other way around. Axe Arcade can make your job easier and your customers happier with a super-simple interface that’s as intuitive as you could possibly hope for. Adding and changing reservations is as simple as dragging and dropping. Setting daily specials, discounts and more is a snap.

Go Ahead, Take a Deposit

It’s nice to get phone calls, but wouldn’t you rather let the customer just make their deposit online? How many potential customers balk at the idea of paying in-full up-front and decide not to make the phone call because it’s too much work? Put the choice directly in their hands and drastically reduce your call volume by giving today’s online consumers what they’re asking for.

Axe Arcade provides robust solutions for making online reservations, selling gift cards, splitting payments, processing POS transactions and, of course, refunds for when life happens. Our axe throwing software is all backed up by Stripe, the industry leader in online payment processing.

The Proof is in the Reporting

Stop guessing and start reporting. The end of the month should be for celebrating, not stressing over reconciling. Axe Arcade has reporting dashboards for even the most demanding of business owners.

From gross sales to customer demographics to percentage of repeat customers versus first-timers and so much more, knowing your numbers has never been more important. Take control of your business and understand what makes it tick.

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